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Abrahms Family

About the Band

The band was created in 1999 in Petaẖ Tikva.

Performed 115 times in 47 different places in 13 cities and towns throughout the country.

Released an album. Writing the next one.

What do we play?

Sort of progressive metal. This is the closest description we could give to our style. Maybe you could listen and find describe it properly?

The songs are written and sung in English.

Abraham’s Family?

We are called Abrahms Family and not Abrahm’s Family, Abraham’s Family or Abrahams Family. Thank you.

30 January 2016

New record: Salvation

9 July 2014

Welcome back, Haim!

After almost six year of absence one of the band’s founders — Haim Nazarovsky — returned to Abrahms Family!

1 April 2014

Bell Levin Left the Band

It was fun playing with Bell.

6 June 2013

Salvation Video

We wrote a new song. Please, watch us playing it on the rehearsal (and listen!):

2 January 2013

Bell Levin Joined the Band

Temporary Alexy Polyansky was replaced by regular Bell Levin. Funky!

5 July 2012

Sal’it Swimming Pool

It was fun playing on Emuna and Nadav’s wedding.

This is our new song played there for the first time:

19 May 2012

Alexy Polyansky Joined the Band

Alexy Polyansky joined the band as a temporary bassist. He’s doing his job great but temporary is temporary (even if it lasts for ages).
While enjoying Leha’s company, we’re still looking for a permanent band member.

6 March 2012

Bassist Vacancy

5 March 2012

Itamar Levy Left the Band

Sadly but truly, Itamar couldn’t continue with us. He’s a great guy, but we need to go further.

17 December 2011

“Palo Boracho”, Ga’ash

First (and last, as it turned out) gig including Itamar.

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