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The Abuse of Life

Right is near and wrong is seen, yes we are blinded
Never look for understanding, never find it
Dark is clear, trust only in what fills the pocket
Door we never open though they never lock it

Prisoned minds in equal cells, indifferent glances
Tried to join those who unneeded — no more chances
Spending a second, wasting a minute, killing an hour
Gaining nothing, years and years of would-be power

Land is sown with blood and steel
Never ask, always steal
The abuse of life goes on
Continues still

Each one thinks he knows the spell
Each one live in his personal hell

Life’s still killing, fatal illness, spirit’s cancer
What’s the question if there are so many answers?
Dust admirers, "more-expecters," call us all so
You’re mistaken, they’re mistaken, I am also

Not to know it’s a test
Not to know you’re a guest
What’s happening this second?
Six billion deaths!

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The Answer Is No

No matter how hard did you try you are lost from the start
No visitors here you can count on, too dumb or too smart
A clown with a tear on his cheek and a tear in his heart
They laugh and they all make you sick, you keep playing your part

Is there another place?
Will six become an ace?
Will you get off this maze?

The answer is no!
Just no!
No chance! No time! No way! Nowhere to stay!
And nothing to say!

You're locked in a dark little cell with mortality smell
And the worst of all knowing the cell it is only yourself
The ceiling draws nearer, in darkness you can't even breathe
Although nothing holds you, you have no permission to leave

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I'm alone, years before the dawn,
Stunned by answers I have come upon
Far astray my ship’s nowhere to stay
And where's the distant coast, the break of day?

The dream is gone, but something’s stayed
This feeling cannot fade
All the dreams, that I have left behind
Show me what I've tried so hard to find

I'm locked behind these seven doors
The echoes from the past
Are coming through the blear
To wake my deepest fear
The dawn is near
The work I swore to finish is my quest

I must complete my final task
But no more colours left
Three hundred years I've spent to draw this view
I've found the clue
Before this world was born it was all black

Just one black dot
No time to wait
One little spot
To end the paint
My true reflection
Of the being
The resurrection
Of the unseen

Tell me, tell me, Lord, why was I born?
Light that I can see, can it be real?
What if all this time I wasn't wrong
Life is squealing sound of turning wheel

The moon was smothered by a cloud
It brought the killer winds
The dawn that I was waiting for had never come
The time had stopped
And then I thought
I should have not
Drawn that last dot

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This thing
Is gonna save me from the pain
It eats me from within
Like worms it eats my brain

This thing
Unstable figure, mocking foe
Sweet sensitive hot spring
Dear friend you’re looking for

This thing
With a skin of concrete, heart of stone
Behind a sense proof firewall
Most delicate and fragile one

This thing
Clear water drops fall into silence
This thing
All-crashing storm of boiling violence

Destroys me, breaks me
It makes me, angry
Anxious, restless

Don’t get
Don’t understand myself
I hate it
Get out of me!
No, no… stay!

It is my free evil will
My wrong decision
The furious waves that kill
Me clear mirage vision

And when the time comes to feel
You feel it, yeah, yeah
And when you don’t want to live
It feels good, you love it

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Black Wings of Freedom

On the black wings of freedom I fly
Twisting bullet I will shut up your light
You are threatened by shadows under my wings,
And I’m singing along with a wind

There’s no way you can stop me tonight
Don’t you dare to paint black into white
Let the past go, there’s only today
I am free from your judgement, get off my way!

Leaving home and let it burn,
To forget what I have learned
Nothing here can make me stay
Gonna throw it all away

No more racing around the clock
No more being in a flock
High I fly, see the lights,
See the fire, down there they set the fire

I’m the freedom, I’m the sorrow released,
But for you I’m no longer exist
I am flying further on the eastern airstream
You might not see me, but you’ll remember my scream

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The Clarifier

Now before the end
Of the hardest day
Great to see a friend
What is he to say?

Cups were standing dry
Noises in the night
Convoyed in his try
Let our conscious glide

Diamond, not a man
Showed his faces glow
Flowers on a plane
He had tried to grow

Forest dwellers listened
We have also heard
As the prophet glistened
Sharing his last word

Climb up t the mountains
There forget your worries
Drink up from the fountains
Eat up from the curries

You think that you’re different
Never will you listen
Truth’s in the undoing
Doorway out is missing

Non-you must leave
Let’s all go to sleep
Non-you must leave
Let’s all fall asleep

Night was prowling round
Needle crossed a star
There there came a sound
Rumble from afar

Then through smoking haze
Saw his rotten grin
One his diamond face
Worms ate through the skin

Flash! The answer blackened
Silence rearranged
In one endless second
Speaker’s features changed

The I said you lied
Poison is your tongue
Never he replied
Knowing it’s a flunk

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I clearly remember that moonless night
The night of the fight
And so we were waiting for a final alarm
The clang of the arm

I smelled the air, it had the taste
Of all the souls we’ll have to waste

With the same thought hiding in our eyes
We wished to kill them twice
It was both mad and wise
Destroy them, burn the den
And then we’ll see daylight again

The bloodstained flag rose up in the air,
Wind fluttered our hair
We rushed to the walls with a loud war cry
The echoes replied

The killing rain poured out of hell,
We rose the shields but hundreds fell

Then the gates had opened and we saw
The mad tide of the foe
We clashed in a deadly blow
We’re doomed! — burst in a flash,
And then the spear stabbed through my flesh

Oceans of pain
Fill me
Can’t see a thing,
Kill me
Red everywhere.
Down in the fog

Blood on our blades is like dust on our hearts
The silent is smart
Time helps to lie and helps to forget
The blood that we shed

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Little Town

I'm getting down and touch the clouds
I see the light of million lives
Down to the earth with moonlight waves
Unborn child I hit the ground

Don't you cry, son, life has just begun
Follow me now
I will lead you through, just obey the rules
We'll count you in

Little town, the human hive
Must be dead to feel alive
Twenty dollars for your soul
Knowing that you're paying too

Living in a dream, trying not to scream
Just one wrong step
Dad, what have you done, I can't stop or run
I don't wanna see

Red-eyed devil!
Red-eyed devil!
Red-eyed devil!
Red-eyed devil!

He's in me, I know, red sarcastic glow
He's the reason
Don't you see his eye in the traffic lights?
Go with him, son

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Man Eater

Black. White. Black. White
Highway sheet four lanes wide
Asphalt giants, snakes we ride
Choose your snake and choose your side

You stream under me,
Twisting, throwing the lights aside
Where do you bring me?
One of us will decide

Endless way without a reason,
From the prison to the prison,
One of them is ours

From The Gateway of the Hopeless
To the ruins of the Fortress,
Eighty miles an hour

Passed a road sign with a warning,
Never been here. Flashing burning
Thought: “Am I a prey here?”

Shadow moves among the shadows,
Creeping void across the meadows,
Wish it wouldn’t stay here

Here again – alone and afraid
The frightened voice from the radio said,
That someone’s crushed and was found dead
What are these bites on his head?

We keep on going, we and our friends
With usual loss every day ends
And she shakes us into unconsciousness,
Like some kind of Loch Ness princess

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You came and brought the war
You suck life from Mother Earth
You're a proud worm, foolish as before
Adam is your name, there's no worse

You hunt for gold and food
You would rather kill than understand
You like thinking you'll stay for good
But I want you out of this land

You will not see next dawn
You've crossed the line
Now you must pay, no chance to stay
In the world of mine

And Earth will bloom again
When you disappear
Cease to exist!
Get out!

Silent wind is blowing leaves away
No words, no screams, no pain
No faces to spit in, no hearts to break
Does it make sense to start again?

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We all came from above and from below
And no one even told us where to go
Our home is here but where we can't explain
We're always here and there and here again

The prophet said the earth in two will break
The time will do, eleven steps to make
Forget all that you heard and that the you saw
To try to tell the secret from the law

Rotten fruit of man still grows
Autumn scaly twin still crawls
Into wheel bad seeds are thrown
Evil spiral spring is drawn

Drinking the spell from the well let it bring us its most
Begging for everything that in the end will be lost
Growing our towers and stairways to reach for what's great
Bearing with us everywhere our inexhaustible hate

Right away, right away, right away

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It is the third time you had this one dream
Waking alone in your bed
Open the door, hope the hinges won't scream
Listen to voice in your head

Out of your land you must go through the wastes
Leave everything for what destiny's taste is
Whole world will help you succeed

Now that you can't find yourself in the hazes
Reach for the wind and you'll find the oasis
Pull out the poisonous weed

Desert will ask you and desert will listen
Wait for the word where no meaning is missing
What is the prize you came for?

Eyes look at you from the horizon hole
Burning marks on your unfortunate soul
You know you've seen them before

Word cut the silence with hammering toll
Stone face of sphinx spoke to you from the wall:
"Do what you have to to fly and to burn
Strike yourself down then you fall and you die and return!"

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The Truth Revelation

Night can be the only time to draw in
Loneliness and fear will help me stay alive
Try to feel the way beyond the feelings
Scent of darkness it will bring me back to wild

Don’t play dice with your soul
You can’t fly – learn to crawl

Moon is gone, I hear it’s coming closer
Something’s here, I know it’s looking from behind
Close your eyes because your eyes are useless
If you want to see the truth you must stay blind

See the perfect nature – world without a lie
Past without a future, see it here is life!

All this world is twisted black hole horror
Everything is crazy chaos movement. Why?
I can’t stay, I know my place is nowhere
Where is death?! The truth is pain, I wanna die!

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Upright track
Don’t look back!
Senseless maniac!

All my nests!
No protests!
Failed all sanity tests!

Stop words!
Going upwards!

Reach the airs
No one cares
What is there upstairs

All except
I accept
Don’t stop on the steep step!

Hey, down the nether!
Sun singed my feathers
Into this deepness I call
While down there people-germs crawl about slow
And low

Didn’t succeed yet?
Hey, what an idiot!
That's what you say
But there you stay
All you sanity-stained

Well, here I am, turned to stone
The landing spot is unknown
Take final breath, no one stares
Make final step down the stairs

The nothing is gone. Long-waited air,
Finally there, devoid of
All that I bore, no need anymore,
It's all in the snow-black void now

Light centuries, several feet,
Soon we will meet, my dear friends
Still landing down and still up there
You'll never know the difference

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