Old Songs

The Truth Revelation

Lyrics by Michael Krol

Recorded in August 2004

Night can be the only time to draw in.
Loneliness and fear will help me stay alive.
Try to feel the way beyond the feelings.
Scent of darkness it will bring me back to wild.

Don’t play dice with your soul.
You can’t fly – learn to crawl.

Moon is gone, I hear it’s coming closer.
Something’s here, I know it’s looking from behind.
Close your eyes because your eyes are useless.
If you want to see the truth you must stay blind.

See the real nature – world without a lie.
Past without a future, see it here is life!

Real world is twisted black hole horror.
Everything is crazy chaos movement. Why?
I can’t stay, I know my place is nowhere.
Where is death?! The truth is pain, I wanna die!

Black Wings of Freedom

Lyrics by Krol/Birenberg

Recorded in August 2003

On the black wings of freedom I fly.
Twisting bullet I will shut up your light.
You are threatened by shadows under my wings,
And I’m singing along with a wind.

There’s no way you can stop me tonight.
Don’t you dare to paint black into white.
Let the past go, there’s only today.
I am free from your judgement, get off my way!

Leaving home and let it burn,
To forget what I have learnt.
Nothing here can make me stay.
Gonna throw it all away.

No more racing around the clock.
No more being in a flock.
High I fly, see the lights,
See the fire, down there they set the fire.

I’m the freedom, I’m the sorrow released,
But for you I’m no longer exist.
I am flying further on the eastern airstream.
You might not see me, but you’ll remember my scream.

Little Town

Lyrics by Michael Krol

Recorded in August 2003

I’m getting down and touch the clouds,
I see the light of million lives,
Down to the earth with moonlight waves,
Unborn child I hit the ground.

Don’t you cry, son, life has just begun,
Follow me now.
I will lead you through, just obey the rules,
We’ll count you in.

Little town, the human hive,
Must be dead to feel alive,
Twenty dollars for your soul,
Knowing that you’re paying too.

Living in a dream, trying not to scream,
Just one wrong step.
Dad, what have you done, I can’t stop or run,
I don’t wanna see.

Red eye devil!

He’s in me I know, red sarcastic glow,
He’s the reason.
Don’t you see his eye in a traffic lights?
Go with him, son!

The Answer Is No

Lyrics by Krol/Birenberg

Recorded in July 2004

No matter how hard did you try you are lost from the start.
No visitors here you can count on, too near and too far.
A clown with a tear on his cheek and a tear in his heart.
They laugh and they all make you sick, you keep playing your part.

Is there another place?
Will six become an ace?
Will you get off this maze?

The answer is no!
Just no!
Nowhere! No way! No day! No one to save!
And nothing to say!

You’re locked in a dark little cell with mortality smell.
And the worst of all knowing the cell it is only yourself.
The ceiling draws nearer, in darkness you can’t even breathe.
Although nothing holds you, you have no permission to leave.

Midnight Story

Lyrics by Michael Krol

Recorded in 2001

Little boy, who loved his mommy
Once was strolling in the park
Then a maniac who had no money
Came to him in a lightning spark

So he said “Hey boy, give me your money
Or I’ll blow your eyeball out”
And the boy said “I was told by mommy,
That I must not talk to strangers when I’m out”

Then the knife ripped out his eyeball
And the world had turned half-red
And the man said “Hey you asshole,
Give me money or you’re dead”

But the boy stood like a mummy
With his finger in his mouth
And he said “I was told by mommy,
That I must not talk to strangers when I’m out”

His left eye cracked like a Boeing
And the boy had turned his back
And the man asked “Where you’re going?”
And the Boy was turned and said

“I was told by my dear mamma
I must go home when it’s dark”
Crazy laughter of the maniac
Shock the trees of national park.


Lyrics by Krol/Birenberg

Recorded in September 2005

Black. White. Black. White.
Highway sheet four lanes wide.
Asphalt giants, snakes we ride.
Choose your snake and choose your side.

You stream under me,
Twisting, throwing the lights aside.
Were do you bring me?
One of us will decide.

Endless way without a reason,
From the prison to the prison,
One of them is ours.

From The Gateway of the Hopeless
To the ruins of the Fortress,
Eighty miles an hour.

Passed a road-sign with a warning,
Never been here. Flashing burning
Thought: “Am I a prey here?”

Shadow moves among the shadows,
Creeping void across the meadows,
Wish it wouldn’t stay here.

Here again – alone and afraid.
The frightened voice from the radio said,
That someone’s crushed and was found dead.
What are these bites on his head?

We keep on going, we and our friends.
With usual loss every day ends.
And she shakes us into unconsciousness,
Like some kind of Loch Ness princess.